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  • Discovering Hidden Profit - Lessons in Lean Leadership (clone)
  • Engaging People to Solve Business Problems (clone)
  • From Paperback Book to Global Deployment: Insights from A Global Company (clone)
  • Leading with PDCA (clone)
  • The Lean Implementation Road Map (clone)
  • Tips for a Corporate Online Lean Leadership Program (clone)
  • Decision Making for Business Leaders (clone)
  • Reshore, Nearshore or In-House
  • Are You Prepared for a Supply Chain Crisis (clone)
  • The Supply Chain Maturity Model (clone)
  • A Plan For Every Part: Creating Standardization in Material Flow Ordering (clone)
  • The Missing Link Between Inventory and Logistics (clone)
  • How to Achieve the Perfect Order (clone)
  • Demand-Driven Supply Chains for Consumer Products (clone)
  • Creating the Connected Enterprise: Advancing Supply Chain Performance (clone)
  • How to Master S&OP for Simplifying Your Supply Chain (clone)
  • Supplier Performance: The Key to Collaboration (clone)
  • Creating End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility (clone)
  • The 5 Critical Components of a Lean Logistics Strategy (clone)
  • When Business Plans and Short Term Results Collide (clone)
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